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Blepharitis Instructions

What caused it?

The eyelid glands become blocked and then become infected with bacteria.

Steps to treat the eyelid infection:

(At Bedtime)


Ocusoft Lid Scrub Pads -- Pick up at your local pharmacy. First, wash your hands. Close the eyes and gently cleanse lids using side-to-side strokes. Avoid touching the eye(s) directly. You can also use baby shampoo and water scrubs if you cannot afford the Ocusoft pads. Mis 1/2 shampoo with 1/2 water in the lid of the shampoo. Use some cotton tipped applicators soaked in this solution on eyelash margin. Do not scrub in the eye, just around eyelid margin.

AZA-SITE -- This is a prescription antibiotic that will need to be filled at your local pharmacy. When dosing: remove brown dropper top, invert bottle, shake once and dispense one drop on the upper and lower eyelid margins. Use a clean q-tip to coat eyelash margin for 7-14 days.

Use hot, wet washcloths on your eyes. Soak your eyes at least five minutes -- twice daily -- if possible. This helps to open the infected gland area.

Take fish oil and flax seed daily. Wal-Mart brand is acceptable. Use recommended dosage on the bottle.